Quick start

To get started quickly you can use the create-nuxt-content-blog package.

yarn create nuxt-content-blog <project-name>
# Make sure you have npx installed (npx is shipped by default since NPM 5.2.0) or npm v6.1 or yarn.
npx create-nuxt-content-blog <project-name>
# Starting with npm v6.1 you can do:
npm init nuxt-content-blog <project-name>

It will ask few questions about your project and install all the dependencies.


This option will publish a ready to use blog layout with a predefined style, check it over here nuxt-content-blog-demo


If you prefer to not use the provided scaffolding check out the Pages section

The next step is to get into your project folder and launch it:

cd <project-name>
yarn dev
cd <project-name>
npm run dev

The application is now running on http://localhost:3000. Well done!